Une mise à jour système est disponible. Elle corrige quelques bugs et met à jours quelques applications.

Deepin Emacs Updated to Version 3.0-1

  • Added real-time format to indent by syntax when writing codes;
  • Added dired-filter mode to quickly filter and display files according to rules under dired;
  • emacs 27.0.50 of the newest emacs git is used to build;
  • Disabled temporary scratch buffer on starting;
  • Added buffer protection to minibuffer-tray, avoiding to exit minibuffer-tray progress when deleting buffer;
  • Added upper case characters and  bound to Alt + z;
  • Migrate multi-term.el plugin to cl-lib repository;
  • Added key bindings for moccur-grep-find-pwd;
  • Fast recursively find words at the cursor and select strings;
  • Added Intelligent indent function for paredit-open-curly-smart;
  • Updated move-text.el plug-in to be compatible with versions later than Emacs 26;
  • Improved C++ syntax highlight;
  • Supported Rust language;
  • Detected g++ command before loading the plugin of auto-complete-clang-extension.el to avoid failure;
  • Fixed flymake error of vala-mode;
  • Added the function of term-send-delete-mode;

System and Application Updates

  • Updated the flash plugin of firefox, chrome, opera to Version;
  • Updated Deepin File Manager to V1.6;

Créateur de la distribution linux Pear OS, je suis maintenant développeur Linux pour une entreprise chinoise basé à Pekin. Je suis également traducteur de la distribution linux Deepin en français.

  • dupont


    How to show the battery time left in the dock ?

    • David

      Hi, for the moment, we can not. But this is expected in the next update of the system. Drag your mouse cursor over the icon to see the time remaining.